Mitch Buchannon

David Hasselhoff played Mitch, captain of the lifeguards, in 10 of the 11 seasons, and was also an executive producer of the show. Mitch was the only mainstay character besides Michael Newman aka “Newmie” – they finished out their Baywatch stint in 2000.

Michael Newman

Michael Newman was the only character who played himself and was the only real lifeguard on the show. Good friends with creator Greg Bonann, he started as a technical consultant, but later became a regular cast member.

C.J. Parker

Pamela Anderson played one of the most memorable characters of the series as the fun-loving New Age lifeguard from Mitch’s past. C.J. and Pam had several similarities including her interest in meditation, dream interpretation… and not to mention, tattooed rockers.

Matt Brody

David Charvet played rookie lifeguard Matt who joined Baywatch at the same time as Summer (Nicole Eggert). They eventually start dating after Summer dumps her surfer boyfriend Kelly Slade, played by Kelly Slater, but Summer later goes to college and they break up. Matt moves on romantically to C.J. and gets suspended from Baywatch after Neely (Gena Lee Nolan) accuses him of sexual harassment.

Summer Quinn

Nicole Eggert played Summer, who moved to Los Angeles to escape her mother’s abusive ex-boyfriend. She meets Matt who saves her from him and eventually starts dating her.

Neely Capshaw

Gena Lee Nolin, as Neely, was known as the “bad girl” who transferred to Baywatch from Huntington. She ends up being an alcoholic and has an issue with painkillers… and is eventually shunned by the crew after her false sexual harassment claims against Matt. But this is not to say that she wasn’t a good lifeguard because she was. She later marries Mitch.

Hobie Buchannon

Jeremy Jackson grew up in front of America as he played Hobie Buchannon. At age 11, he made his debut on the show as Mitch’s son. Hobie often found himself in trouble on the beaches and eventually became a lifeguard, following his father’s footsteps. Closer to the end of the series, he too dates Summer. Jackson was 19 when the show was over.

Stephanie Holden

Alexandra Paul played Lt. Stephanie Holden, the new supervising lieutenant on the beach who returns after she had previously left Mitch without explanation years before. They eventually become friends again, but continue to have romantic feelings for each other.

Garner Ellerbee

Gregory Alan Williams played Sergent Garner Ellerbee, resident policeman and close friend of Mitch. A spin-off to Baywatch, called Baywatch Nights, was created under the premise that Sgt. Ellerbee decided to quit his job as a police officer and form a detective agency. Baywatch Nights didn’t do nearly as well as Baywatch and only aired two seasons.

Caroline Holden

Caroline, played by Yasmine Bleeth, is Stephanie’s younger sister, best friends with C.J., and eventually becomes engaged to Logan Fowler. Caroline was married to a cheating scoundrel when she first appeared in Season 4, but later returns in Season 5, after her divorce, and returns to her lifeguard life.

Logan Fowler

Logan was the transfer lifeguard from Australia, played by Jaason Simmons. He quickly falls for Caroline, asks her to marry him, but never follows through. It turns out he just needed a Green Card. After they break up, Logan is never really seen again, but it is presumed that he has moved back to Australia.

Cody Madison

David Chokachi played Cody Madison, love interest to C.J. Parker before she left him for a tattooed rocker while on vacation. Cody, mentored by Lt. Holden, was a great lifeguard and an aspiring Olympian with an irregular heartbeat.

Lani McKenzie

Lani, played by Carmen Electra, always wanted to become a dancer like her famous mother. She moved to Los Angeles to be a lifeguard so that she could earn a living. She also dates Cody but later breaks up with him because their long distance relationship wasn't working after she moves to New York.