What is COZI TV?
COZI TV is a national network bringing viewers America’s most beloved and iconic television series, hit movies and original programming brought to you by the NBC Owned Television Stations.

How do I get COZI TV in my home?
Enter your zip code to check and see if COZI TV is available in your area. Then, call your local cable provider. Get COZI TV now.

What programs can I find on COZI TV?
COZI TV has a wide range of classic television series, original programming, and movies, old and new. Visit our shows and movies pages to learn more.

Can I watch COZI TV shows and movies online?
We currently do not offer full episodes and movies on COZITV.com.

How do I advertise on COZI TV?
Please contact us here and we will direct you to our sales and marketing team.

Have any comments or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!
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