Hart to Hart

Hart to Hart

From the creator of I Dream of Jeannie comes Hart to Hart — the mystery series about married millionaires who share a Bel Air estate, a Gulfstream jet, and a passion for amateur detective work. Robert Wagner stars as debonair debonair tycoon, Jonathan Hart, in the role originally envisioned for Cary Grant. Stefanie Powers plays his glamorous wife, Jennifer. This high society couple is always hot on the trail with fabulous fashions, quick wits and fast fists. Lionel Stander plays Max, the couple’s cook, chauffeur and trusty aide de camp in their jet setting adventures.

Saturdays 6AM/5C - 9AM/7C and 2AM/1C - 4AM/3C


Click here to see Adam Scott and Amy Poehler’s tribute version of the Hart to Hart title sequence, shown side-to-side with the original.

Created by: Sidney Sheldon