COZI TV Presents: The Office in Smell-a-Vision!

Hosted by Melora Hardin

A special airing of a legendary episode of the classic series - enhanced with an actual scratch-and-sniff card.

"The Dinner Party" is often named as the best, most memorable episode of the series. It has been celebrated, analyzed, pod-casted - but never before has it been seen in Smell-a-Vision!

Melora Hardin joins COZI TV as on-air host for the promotion and on-air presentation of the event. There's no better choice, as she played Jan Levinson, the original host of "The Dinner Party" - offering us her long-simmering Osso Buco and "Serenity By Jan" candles.

Premieres Monday, August 26 10PM/9C

Special replay Monday, September 2 10PM/9C (Labor Day)