Surviving the Holidays with the Cranes

It’s that time again! Families will gather to spend time with one another, make new memories and open thoughtful gifts they receive. On the other hand if you’re closer to my family you will be trying to figure out how to get more sleep and alone time in a house full of loud relatives, binge watching that show everyone else has already seen or attempting to smile after opening another hideous sweater from your aunt and uncle. To help you get through all of the seasons festivities, here are a few ways to cope just as the Cranes would. While you’re spending time with your family don’t forget to catch Frasier and all of his family antics on Cozi TV weeknights at 8PM/7C!

Scenario 1

It’s time for dinner and you’re making your way to the table and find that all of your favorite side dishes are already gone! The only thing left is your aunt’s version and you know she can’t cook.

Season 1, Episode 12: Miracle of Third or Fourth Street

Bill: How’s that turkey platter? As good as last year’s?

Frasier: I’m not sure this isn’t last year’s!

Scenario 2

After spinning the dreidel a few times you realize your cousin has had too many drinks and wants to prank the family by jumping out dressed as Jesus.

Season 6, Episode 10: Merry Christmas, Mrs. Markowitz!

Helen Moskowitz: The Mohel?

Faye Moskowitz: The one who did your circumcision?

Frasier: Uh Yes! Yes, I just wanted to show him that there were no hard feelings.

Scenario 3

You’re making small talk with your relatives and mention you are trying to be healthier in the new year. It’s at that moment you want to tell them to take a healthy approach in life once in awhile.

Season 7, Episode 11: The Fight Before Christmas

Gil: This is my last little man, I promise – oh, who am I kidding.

Frasier: No one Gil.

Scenario 4

You get to open your first gift and of course you get the one from your sibling that you barely talk to anymore since that fourth of July incident. You open to box only to find that it’s one of those ugly sweaters you used to get as a kid.

Season 3, Episode 9: Frasier Grinch

Frasier: Oh, God… it’s my childhood Christmases all over again. Only now Mom isn’t here to say, “Shut up, you’ll hurt his feelings.”

Scenario 5

You’ve had it with your uncle’s loud singing, little children running all through the house and finding no place for a little peace and quiet. You made it through the day but now you want the holiday to be over.

Season 5, Episode 9: Perspectives on Christmas

Martin Crane: I hate Christmas, I hate singing, and I’m going to bed.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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