I Dreamed of Africa

Directed by Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire) and based on a true story, I Dreamed of Africa stars Kim Basinger as Kuki Gallmann, a woman who, craving the excitement and freedom missing from her contained life in Italy, moves to rural Kenya with her husband (Vincet Perez) and young son (Liam Aiken). In awe of the power of nature and sense of freedom in the wide-open countryside, Kuki soon discovers that life in rural Africa is no fairy-tale existence. Wild elephants and lions roam the land unhindered, devastating storms destroy all in their path and desperate poachers ruthlessly murder endangered animals. Yet through the most trying of setbacks, Kuki’s indomitable spirit prevails. Life in a strange land explodes into a powerful saga of joy and pain, promise and purpose, death and resurrection.

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