Chances Are

Corinne Jeffries (Cybill Shepherd) is devastated when her husband Louie dies in a car accident. She remains obsessively in love with him 25 years later, to the chagrin of their daughter, Miranda (Mary Stuart Masterson). It comes as quite a surprise to everyone when a college mate of Miranda’s, handsome, eager Alex (Robert Downey Jr.), comes to visit, sustains a blow to the head and realizes he is actually Louie, but has been reincarnated as Alex. Miranda is dumbfounded, and a disbelieving Corinne is angry. Corinne finally changes her mind and is ecstatic that her husband has come back, but Philip (Ryan O’Neal), Louie’s best friend who’s always carried a torch for Corinne, gets jealous, believing Alex is a fake. Alex has enough to do for two people as he tries to resolve a perplexing situation to everyone’s benefit.

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