The Rockford Files

The Rockford Files

For $200 a day (plus expenses), you can hire the best cold case detective in California. Just leave a message on his answering machine and he’ll get back to you. Jim Rockford’s kinda laid back. He keeps his .38 in a cookie jar and more often relies on his wit and charm for protection – in many ways a modern version of his Bret Maverick character on Maverick. Not entirely surprising, since writer Roy Huggins was the creator of both series. The Rockford Files originally aired from 1974 to 1980 and won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series along with two Best Actor Emmys for James Garner. Noah Berry, Jr. plays Jim’s dad, Rocky. Guest stars include Tom Selleck, Rita Moreno, Louis Gossett, Jr. and Isaac Hayes.

Sundays 11AM/10C - 1PM/12C


Ever wanted to download and listen to all of Jim Rockford’s answering machine messages? Well now you can! Just click here.

Created by: Stephen J. Cannell, Roy Huggins