Julia Roberts

Before she was America's sweetheart, Julia Roberts experimented with her dark side, playing Polly Wheeler, an art gallery manager and drug dealer's assistant with a liking for bad boys. (Mirror Image, S4 Ep22)

Bruce Willis

Back in 1984, the year Miami Vice premiered, Crockett and Tubbs were after arms dealer extraordinaire Tony Amato, played by Willis. (No Exit, S1 Ep7)

Steve Buscemi and Willie Nelson

Now that's a duo! Before Boardwalk Empire, a young Buscemi played a middleman for a Bolivian drug lord, finding himself on Willie Nelson's bad side. (El Viejo, S3 Ep7)

Helena Bonham Carter

Crockett is in love, again… And this time with Bonham Carter, a beautiful ER doctor named Theresa who just happens to be a heroin addict. (Theresa, S3 Ep16)

Benicio Del Toro

Only 20 years old at the time, Del Toro played Pito, an ex-con turned thespian.(Everybody's In Show Biz, S3 Ep23)

Laurence Fishburne

Before he was Morpheus, Fishburne went by Larry and played a prison guard, roughing up Tubbs while he was undercover in the clink. (Walk-Alone, S3 Ep4)

Liam Neeson

Detective Calabrese falls in love with an Irish philanthropist, played by Neeson, but he ends up not being the guy she thinks he is. (When Irish Eyes Are Crying, S3 Ep1)

Stanley Tucci

Tucci makes a couple cameos throughout the show's five-season run. First, as Steve Demarco, the adoptive father of a smuggled baby, and later as an entirely different character in season four. (Baby Blues, S3 Ep9)

Chris Rock

If James Brown is an alien, then Chris Rock is on the case (at least in this episode). In this odd Sci-Fi turn in the series, Rock plays a records clerk tasked with researching UFOs and aliens. (Missing Hours, S4 Ep7)

John Turturro

In his television debut, John Turturro played a pimp with an unfortunate fate. (Rites of Passage, S1 Ep16)